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Twenty-Twenty One

It’s really tricky to try and sum up such a year as 2021. Amongst the constant anxiety, stress and sadness from living through a once-in-a-generation* global pandemic, I’ve been really fortunate in feeling the most alive I’ve ever felt. If I had to sum up my year in one word, it would be: foundational. I feel like there’s a lot that’s happened that will set me up for an even better future. * I mean, climate change will probably mean more pandemics, as natural habitats fail and wild animals acti

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Dear Closeted, Younger Me

About a year ago, I was cracking out of my trans denial phase and working out who I was. I was deeply closeted to everyone but my wonderful and supportive partner and a couple of other people close to me. Scrolling through Twitter, saw tweets from other trans femmes who were out, doing amazing things and otherwise just proudly living their lives. As much as it was really wonderful to see, a small part of me definitely felt jealous and envious that they were able to live their life and be out an

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Twenty Five

It feels a little bit narcissistic to do a blog post on your own birthday. But that’s exactly what I’m doing, and I feel like there’s good reason for it. For a lot of people, your 25th birthday is already significant enough. You now have to select a whole different option when a survey asks you, ”What age range are you in?”. You’re coming to the end of your time using the 16-25 Railcard. You’ve also made it a quarter of a century, which is pretty significant! For me, 25 is special because it’s

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Our Coffee Setup

This post is a very long winded walkthrough of mine and my partner’s home espresso setup. Will it get technical? Of course. Read as much or as little as you want 😄 The Espresso Machine We have been using the Rocket Appartamento for the last few months. There’s definitely better options out there at the price I paid but... come on. Look at it! The machine is such a gorgeous, well built centrepiece in our kitchen. I personally love the huge steam wand knob with the giant “R” embossed onto it (m

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